5S Day

5S Day


5S Day

Q:What is the 5S?

A:1. Tidy up: divide any items in the workplace into necessary and unnecessary ones, keep the necessary ones and discard the unnecessary ones completely.  

2, rectify: the necessary things are classified according to the specified position, and put neatly, to be marked.  

3, cleaning: clean the dirt in the workplace, and prevent the occurrence of dirt, keep the workplace clean and beautiful.  

4, Clean: institutionalize, standardize, implement and maintain the practices of 3S facts above.  

5, quality: everyone develop good habits, act in accordance with the provisions, cultivate a positive and enterprising spirit 。

5S Day

      Training to improve the quality of all staff, organize internal training once a month, once a half year to go out to learn, through the combination of internal training and going out to learn mode, change ideas, expand ideas, continue to implement 5S management on site.

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