A patent on the new appearance of label printer
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A patent on the new appearance of label printer

     Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction,so far we have more than 50 partners. Covering 20 international famous brands, domestic brand chain enterprises。

     With the development of printers, the functions of printers become increasingly powerful, has been from simple character and graphic printing, expanded to a variety of true color grayscale simulation of exquisite images and other fields. The application range of printers is also expanding, from traditional office and home documents, picture printing, to commercial/retail, industrial/manufacturing, modern logistics and other emerging professional applications. At the same time, more and more occasions for printing labels are becoming more and more frequent. Traditional desktop fixed printers can no longer meet the requirements of editing and printing anytime and anywhere, so portable Bluetooth label printers are increasingly needed by the market.


1) Eye-catching ID design

2) Image compression technology

3) Electronic control adopts architecture development

Overview of relevant products and technology development at home and abroad, and comparison of representative products and technologies:

1) High-speed dual-mode Bluetooth communication technology

2) Anti-drop technology

3) Built-in lithium quick charging technology

    Retail giants are constantly exploring smart green retail overall solutions. Nowadays, the line between online and offline has been blurred, and consumers have been able to skillfully use the combination of online and offline channels, and flexibly switch between them. The slowdown in online traffic growth is driving giants to shift their focus to offline traffic, where personalized experiences and refined services will become retailers' most competitive weapons. Portable Bluetooth printer enables offline practitioners to print all kinds of price tags and bar code labels in real time according to online price updates or upstream suppliers' optimization anytime and anywhere, facilitating the integration of online and offline.

A patent on the new appearance of label printer

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